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FREE Wolf/Puppy Lineart (+mspaint version) by ThisAccountIsDead462 FREE Wolf/Puppy Lineart (+mspaint version) by ThisAccountIsDead462
Ahhh, I doodled this little guy in my sketchpad earlier today and liked how it looked, so I lined it in Sai for you guys to use if you so wish <3

The photoshop file is 3 layers (don't mind the naming TTvTT I always forget to name my layers, so it's just a mess of numbers). You can download it by clicking the download button to the right of the page there <3
-The lowest layer is for easy colouring, you can take it off opacity lock and add more or take-away if you edit the lines before colouring~
-The middle layer is the lines itself~
-The top layer is just that white shine on it's eye. It doesn't really need to be there but you know >v<

The mspaint friendly version is just the lineart, and you can download it here~

If you use, please credit me in the description uvu

Also, guys, there's no need to tell me you used it as I will most likely see it in my mentions ;v; have fun you guys <3 I'll love you to pieces if you use my lines TTvTT

Lineart belongs to me.
Made with Paint Tool Sai.

EDIT: Guys, use for anything means use for anything (and post anywhere). Please don't ask me, it gets a little annoying TT~TT

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April 22, 2014
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